A Guide to Giving

From its earliest days, Abbot Senior Living has relied on the generous support of the local and extended community. Donations first helped to transform Butler Franklin Abbot's wishes to open a home for aged men into reality. Since opening its doors, Abbot Senior Living has expanded to welcome many more aged residents into a caring, enriching environment. We owe our gratitude to the community for both its monetary support and its assurance that Zanesville will always have a place for its senior community to call "home".

Today, your donations enable us to continue to provide quality care and facilities to our residents. During the donation process you choose how your gift will be used.

Choose How Your Donation Can Be Used:

You may make a donation in honor of a loved one or direct your donation to one of three major areas of need, including:

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

General Use

General Use

By making a monetary gift, you become an integral part of the philanthropic community dedicated to carrying on Butler Franklin Abbot's legacy. You provide us with the resources necessary to meet the unique needs of our residents, empowering them to remain both independent and yet still engaged in the Zanesville community.

No gift is too small to make a difference.

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