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Abbot Senior Living
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  1. May I bring my own furnishings?
    Yes, or your apartment can be completely furnished when you arrive.

  2. Will I be able to take vacations?
    Yes, you may come and go as you please. We encourage active lifestyles.

  3. Should I bring a television?
    There are televisions in each of the lounges, but you are welcome to bring your own. Cable is at your own expense.

  4. Are bed linens and towels furnished or should I bring my own?
    Bed linens are provied. Each tenant should bring his or her own towels. You can also bring your own bed spread to give your room a personal touch.

  5. May I invite friends and family for meals?
    Yes, with advance notice and payment of a nominal fee per meal.

  6. May I keep my car at Abbot Senior Living?
    Yes, and you can park in our secure, gated parking area.

  7. Can I bring my pet?
    No, but we always welcome visits from our pet friends. We also have our house cat, Buddy, for you to enjoy.

  8. Can I have an overnight guest?
    No, we ask visitors to restrict their time with us to 8am-10pm.

  9. Can I smoke in my apartment?
    No, smoking is permitted outside the building and only in areas designated by the director. The Ohio revised code restricts smoking inside public buildings or near doorways.

  10. Are we allowed small electric appliances in our apartment?
    No devices with heating elements (ie coffee pots, toasters, heaters, electric blankets) will be permitted in the apartments.

  11. Can I have a microwave and small refrigerator?
    Yes, these are permissible.

  12. Can we pay our rent with a debit or credit card?
    Yes. You can also set up autopay so your rent is automatically charged to your card each month.

  13. Can I have an electric wheelchair or electric scooter?
    No. For the safety of our residents no electric devices are permitted.